Nalston and Grelson

"Personally, I would love to see Halston Sage get slimed, Cause she's always looking so nice, she's looking perfect." - Noah Crawford

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It’s now been exactly one year since How to Rock ended. Here are just a few of the many Grelson moments we get throughout Season 1. And to imagine just how many more we would have got during Season 2. They were a slam dunk to be a canon couple by the end of the Series according to the show runner.

We will never forget this amazing show that Nickelodeon never gave a fair shot to. Now they are renewing shows that did worse than How to Rock did. So yes, it never got a fair shot.

No matter how many years go by…We will never forget this amazing show.

How To Rock Forever! Grelson Forever! Nalston Forever!

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They are side by side in my shipping preferences.

Except the last pair. Iol. Kacey is just by herself.

How to Rock. Cancelling it was the biggest mistake Nickelodeon has ever done. I’m sure if they could take it back they would. The Thundermans and Haunted Hathaways did way worse then what How To Rock did prior to How To Rocks cancellation. And guess what? HH got a 2nd season and Thundermans will likely get one as well. Shame Nickelodeon didn’t realize it wasn’t the shows, it was them the network back when they cancelled How to Rock.

Sam and Cat is just doing on par with what How to Rock was doing prior to cancellation.

Still bitter.

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